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Shandong RuiFu Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. is a new energy technology enterprise working on extracting and preparing raw material from minerals of lithium battery positive pole—battery grade lithium carbonate. It is also a production enterprise with technology of extracting lithium from both spodumene and lepidolite. The company was founded in November of 2010, with registered capital of RMB 80 million. It is vice president company of Chinese Lithium Industry Association. Main businesses of the company are battery grade lithium carbonate and industrial grade lithium carbonate, while its co-production is anhydrous sodium sulfate, aluminium silicon powder and other series products. 

The company aims at “making lithium new energy” and cooperate with a university to research and develop advanced production technology of preparing lithium carbonate from lithium minerals to realize comprehensive recovery and use of resources. Such technology was awarded as international advanced level by Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province in 2012. The company has already established one set of production line to extract lithium from lepidolite and one set of production line to extract lithium from spodumene and can annually produce 6,000 tons of lithium carbonate, co-produce 15,600 tons of anhydrous sodium sulfate and 48,000 tons of silicic acid powder. It will realize annual sales avenue of RMB 400 million and profit tax of RMB 100 million, and solve the problem of employment of 260 people. 

Since the establishment of the company, it applied to establish Taian Enterprise Technology Center, Taian Engineering Technology Research Center, Taian Engineering Laboratory, and Taian One-Enterprise-to-One-Center Research and Development Center successively. There is 1 doctor, 10 masters and 30 people with college degree or above in research and development center of the company. Their specialties involve multi-fields and they have strong innovative capacity and rich practical experiences. In 2013, innovation team of the company won title of Feicheng City Excellent Innovation Team. The company has applied 12 patents, among which there are 3 authorized invention patents and 5 practical new types. The company undertakes 1 national project, 3 provincial projects and 5 municipal projects. In 2013, company invention patent “One Production Technology of Extracting Lithium from Minerals by Low-temperature Method” won Chinese Patent Excellent Award, Shandong Province Patent Second Prize and Shandong Province Technological Invention Second Prize respectively. In September of 2012, the company successfully passed authentication of three systems, namely Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System. In 2012, the company applied for and got authorization of figurative mark of its self-brand “RuiFu”. And in October of 2015, the company successfully obtained authentication of Feicheng City first batch of intellectual property system, and perfected system operation of intellectual property. 

With rapid development of new energy automobiles, lithium battery has become core material of new energy automobile and will usher in great exploration of demand. In 2015, the company positively sought for raw material suppliers, finished cooperation with the company who is known as global market leader of lithium compound and one of major lithium raw material producer to guarantee sufficient supply of lithium mineral resources, and made renovation to current production line to make such line reach production capacity of 8000 tons in annual of lithium carbonate at most, largely decreasing costs and further enhancing the company image and recognition and popularity of the products.

In the future 5 years, the company will grasp good opportunity of rapid development of world lithium industry, focus on R&D and production of new energy and new material, accelerate development of lithium resources, enrich varieties of lithium products, upgrade product structure, develop every kind of high-end lithium products, and improve comprehensive competitive force. 

In future three years, the company plans to invest RMB 800 million, add one production line of 20,000 tons battery grade lithium carbonate per year, and build one production line of 10,000 tons battery grade lithium hydroxide per year to reach sales revenue after production of RMB1.5 billion and profit tax of RMB 300 million. 

The company plans to continue to expand development of lithium metal, butyl lithium, lithium-aluminum alloy and other industries downstream in five years. It plans to invest RMB 1 billion and build one production line of 10,000 tons lithium chloride, one production line of 2,000 tons lithium metal and supporting butyl lithium, lithium-aluminum alloy etc. to realize sales revenue after production of RMB 2 billion and profit tax of RMB 500 million. After the plans are finished, the company will rank among global largest lithium salt producers. 

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