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Development strategy

1526896319127507.png Implement the innovation strategy, establish a dynamic internal development mechanism, strengthen basic management and improve the scientific management levels to enable the interprise to achieve faster and better development at a new starting point. 

1526896319127507.png Implement the strategy to control lithium resources, realize industrial expansion, set up integration advantage and scale economy advantage to enhance the foundation of the company's sustainable development. The enterprise must seize the opportunity to occupy lithium mineral resources immediately. 

1526896319127507.png Implement the strategy to innovate technology, realize industrial upgrading, increase the additional value of lithium products, enhance the level of technology and the comprehensive development of resources, improve the content of hi-tech and technology innovation to realize the upgrading and leap-forward development of the enterprise. 

1526896319127507.png Implement the strategy to adjust the structure of focusing on high-end products, on the basis of consolidating the status of battery grade lithium carbonate market, continue to expand the market share, vigorously develop lithium metal and other high-end lithium products and rich high-end lithium products type to form a complete lithium industry chain. 

1526896319127507.png Implement the market strategy, build good company brand image, actively seek sustained market-leading position and maximum benefit, strengthen mature market, expand the efficient market, exploit strategic market and develop foreign market in order to constantly enhance the competitiveness of the market and the company brand image. 

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