Feicheng City Peoples Congress to the company inspection

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Feicheng City Peoples Congress to the company inspection

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On the morning of June 8, 2017, Zhao Yanjun, director of the Standing Committee of Feicheng Municipal People's Congress, went to the company for inspection and guidance. The company's executive deputy manager Yan Liang reported to the city leaders on the company's production and operation and project progress. Director Zhao Yanjun learned about the company's production and operation. After the supply of raw materials, the company is required to firmly grasp the strong development momentum of the current lithium carbonate industry, as soon as possible to achieve the standard of 20,000 tons of lithium carbonate expansion projects, to produce economic benefits as soon as possible; requires the company to always do a safe and civilized production We must firmly establish the idea of safety first, and we must not be numb to treat safety.

The main leaders of the Old Town Street accompanied the inspection.

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