What is battery grade lithium carbonate?

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What is battery grade lithium carbonate?

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Battery grade lithium carbonate:

(Battery grade lithium carbonate)

It is a monoclinic crystal white powder with fluidity, slightly soluble in water, soluble in acid, insoluble in alcohol, acetone and liquid ammonia. The specific gravity is 2.11, the melting point is 723 ° C, and the boiling point is 1230 ° C.

Packing: Packed in two layers of plastic film bags, plastic woven bags or plastic coated bags. The inner bag is tied or heat sealed, and the outer bag has a firm seam. The net weight of each bag is 20Kg. The bag size is 845X415X80mm and the bag weighs 200g.

Product quality: Meet and exceed the industry standard YS/T582-2013, and also produce low-sodium and low-calcium products according to customer needs. The quality of the products is better than that of the peers and has been unanimously recognized by customers of large cathode materials.

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