Lithium dihydrogen phosphate

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Lithium dihydrogen phosphate

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CAS number: 13453-80-0

Molecular formula: LiH2PO4

Molecular weight: 103.93


Lithium dihydrogen phosphate is a colorless crystalline solid that is soluble in water. It has a moderate solubility and a weak acidity.

Lithium dihydrogen phosphate has a melting point of about 200 ° C and a density of about 2.44 g/cm³. It breaks down at high temperatures and releases gas.

- This compound is a weak acid that reacts with a base to form a salt.


Lithium dihydrogen phosphate is widely used in battery manufacturing. It can be used as an additive to the positive electrode material in lithium-ion batteries to improve the performance and stability of the battery.

- Can be used as a catalyst or buffer for certain chemical processes to regulate reaction conditions and control pH.

Lithium dihydrogen phosphate can also be used to prepare a variety of inorganic salts, metal oxides and coordination polymers.

Lithium dihydrogen phosphate

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