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"100 million small goals" waiting for you!

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Sales clerk recruitment brief

First, the job requirements:

1. Loyal to the company, with a high degree of responsibility, integrity and dedication;

2. Full-time university college or above;

3, like sales, interested in the chemical industry, have a certain understanding of the new energy industry of lithium, will continue to pay attention to changes in industrial policies, downstream customers and markets, and make reasonable judgments and countermeasures;

4, dare to communicate with customers, cheerful, confident, generous, full of enthusiasm;

5, has a wealth of sales experience, can actively explore new markets, develop new customers, good at listening to customer opinions, pay attention to customer concerns, and timely and enthusiastically solve product feedback problems;

6. Have a high sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit;

7, age 20-35 years old, chemical and chemical related professional and sales experience is preferred.

Second, salary treatment:

 1. Basic salary + high commission (revenue is determined by your diligence and performance, there is no upper limit).

2. Company benefits;

3. Step-by-step training (professional knowledge + sales skills + management skills);

4, can be negotiable.

Interested parties can consult: 0538-3462269,

Mobile phone number: Director Li 18553827877 (WeChat same number).

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