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Company News From April 12th to 13th, 2018, the 2018 Nickel-Cobalt Lithium Industry Chain Summit hosted by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals SMM was held in Zhangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The company’s leading vice chairman, Mr. Yan Liang, executive vice president Wang Zhanqian, and vice president of sales, Pang Xujia, Assistant General Manager Wang Xiao and others were invited to attend the meeting. During the conference, Shanghai Nonferrous Metals SMM announced the list of the top 12 suppliers of “Quality Suppliers” in the 2017 cobalt-lithium industry chain. Ruifu Lithium was awarded as one of the few lithium salt suppliers in China, and Vice Chairman Yan Liang represented Rui. Fu Lithium took the stage to receive the award and took photos with other 11 quality supplier representatives. As the only high-tech enterprise in the world with lithium spodumene and lithium mica lithium extraction technology, Ruifu Lithium has established Taian Engineering Laboratory, Taian Enterprise Technology Center, Taian Engineering Technology Research Center, and Shandong Province. The research and development platform of Enterprise One Technology R&D Center and Shandong Enterprise Technology Center has strong scientific research technology and outstanding innovation ability. The company has obtained 16 national authorized patents, including 6 invention patents, 9 utility models and 1 design. The company currently produces 25,000 tons of lithium carbonate, 75,000 tons of Yuanming powder and 250,000 tons of silicon-aluminum powder. The new 10,000 tons of lithium hydroxide will be put into operation in July 2018, and 30,000 tons of lithium carbonate will be put into operation in January 2019. Lithium salt production capacity will be among the best in the country. Ruifu Lithium Industry will seize the opportunity and make persistent efforts. We are willing to work together with friends in the industry to set sail and make new and greater contributions to the new energy industry in China.


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