A letter to the staff of Ruifu

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A letter to the staff of Ruifu

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A letter from the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival to all employees of Ruifu


 Dear Ruifu employees and their families:


From the moon to the Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s a good time. On the occasion of the 68th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the Mid-Autumn Festival of the traditional festive season, I would like to extend my most cordial greetings and sincere wishes to the employees of Ruifu and the families who support you silently!

In this happy moment of the 10,000-nation reunion, many lovely and respectable Ruifu people will remain in their jobs. In fact, this spirit of selfless dedication, dedication and dedication is everywhere in our Ruifu, and it is precisely because of your singular and respectable spirit that Ruifu's future is even brighter. Here, I would like to pay a high tribute to your hard work! The company is proud of having such excellent employees!

Ruifu's seven years of hard work, every progress has condensed your dedication and dedication; every leap contains your youth and ingenuity; every success is inseparable from your love and support. Thanks to the encouragement of national policies and your hard work and hard work, today's Ruifu has grown into an industry leader, and our products also have a large market share in China.

"Inclusive personality, each with its own strengths, strict management, and orderly efficiency", the development of Ruifu needs more and more fresh blood to join, and Ruifu accepts the brothers and sisters who embrace the whole world with broad minds. Different backgrounds, different experiences, different levels of talents, impact collision, mutual encouragement, can achieve a career that really belongs to Ruifu people, you are the pride of Ruifu company, are the masters of Ruifu.

Ruifu is also a school, a melting pot. We learn through work, work and exercise, sum up at work, and grow in progress. At the same time, the company provides a platform for employees to develop platforms and performances. I am delighted to see that in the process of our company's development from small to large, many talents have been cultivated and created, and they play an increasingly important role in the company's various positions.

The development of Ruifu requires the accumulation of funds and continuous investment. Perhaps, employees don't always get the rewards they are satisfied with; however, we firmly believe that as long as we work hard and continue to innovate and transcend, the company will be able to grow and develop, and we will be able to get more room for development. . Perhaps, employees and friends are not necessarily their favorite jobs; however, we must know that the company is an organic whole with mutual cooperation, and it requires the dedication and selfless dedication of employees and friends.

Every employee of the company is a valuable asset of the company. As long as he has contributed to us, we will never forget that your health and safety not only keeps the company ups and downs, but also your family. happy. I sincerely hope that every employee can pay attention to health and cherish life while working hard for the company. Together, they will create the brilliance of our future, and share the fruits of the struggle.

In 2017, it was an extraordinary year for Ruifu. The time was tight and the task was heavy. The 20,000-ton lithium carbonate project reached the standard as soon as possible, and the 10,000-ton lithium hydroxide project was completed and put into production as soon as possible. All of us need our joint efforts. This year, we have managed to improve the management level of our company; we continue to develop, we are united, we have been creating the miracle of Ruifu. Achievements and glory belong to yesterday. The crisis view of "staying calm and refusing to resist" is always alert to the people of Ruifu. In the future, we still have a long way to go. In the turbulent market situation, Ruifu's development opportunities and severe challenges are at the same time.

The business of Ruifu is the cause of all our Ruifu people, and the glory of Ruifu belongs to us. Let us focus on the overall values of effective and effective values and effective results; adhere to the pragmatic and enterprising spirit of enterprise, and make efficient use of limited lithium resources to make greater contributions to the realization of the corporate vision of “Rui Li Zhaofu People”! I hope that every employee of Ruifu will make great contributions to health and happiness and work together with Ruifu to achieve success.

Finally, I wish the staff and family members of the company to celebrate the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival with joy and joy!

                                                                               Shandong Ruifu Lithium Industry Co., Ltd.

October 4, 2017

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