The hard-working Ruifu people

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The hard-working Ruifu people

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At about 14:00 on September 14th, 2017, during the routine inspection of the ball mill equipment before the opening of the ball mill equipment, it was found that there was a leak in the outlet interface of the fine powder hoist, and serious leakage occurred. The company completed the production tasks, effectively saved the company's production costs, and the loss of raw materials seriously improved the company's efficiency from the subtle aspects. The workshop leaders urgently organized the rescue assault team. Under the leadership of the comrade Li Qiang, the commandos Zhang Xinxin and Zhang Chuanqiang Six comrades, including Meng Xianlin, Zhang Yanshu, Zhang Bo, and maintenance engineer Sun Yanjin, quickly arrived at the repair site.

Because there is no maintenance platform at the leak point of the hoist, the danger of working at height is high and the difficulty is high. However, the commandos did not complain, and they did not retreat. The method of holding the method was more difficult than the difficulty. The site developed a new repair plan, using wooden boards. Set up a temporary maintenance platform for homework. On the hoist with a drop of more than 30 meters in the high ground, although the temporary maintenance platform was built and protective measures such as safety ropes were prepared, the temporary wooden platform has no fixed platform for the steel frame, and ordinary people stand on it to ensure their legs. It is very valuable to not shake, let alone to carry out maintenance work.

Although the difficulty is so big, but did not scare our commandos, Zhang Xin comrades self-recommended on the platform to engage in blocking work because of their young and daring and relatively light weight. It is precisely because we are not afraid of difficulties, and the Ruifu people who have overcome difficulties, so the workshop can quickly and promptly handle all urgent problems, and complete the production tasks of the company with quality and quantity.


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