2017 Ruifu lithium new technician training kicked off

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2017 Ruifu lithium new technician training kicked off

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        On August 1, 2017, Shandong Ruifu Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. held a new technician training opening ceremony in the company conference room, and officially started classes. The company has a total of 30 senior workers, 7 theoretical tutors and several practical supervisors. Participated in the training of chemical technicians in this year.





The so-called state has national planning, and the small family also has a small family plan. The technician training program has been highly valued by the company's leaders. The company has arranged excellent technicians such as technicians, senior technicians, engineers and senior engineers to take turns for our students. Come to the wonderful lectures, and purchase a large number of books and stationery for the students to learn. The lectures are divided into professional ethics, chemical instrumentation and measurement, chemical product analysis, equipment maintenance, quality management, production management, etc., and strive not only for us. The trainees were guided by the theory, and they also started practical teaching in the quality research and development department, the lithium carbonate workshop, the roasting workshop, etc., so that the trainees could move their hands and carry out practical operations.

        The teacher demanded that the students rush to learn knowledge and see the progress of the students. The company is very pleased. I hope that our students will have the benefits, understanding, mutual help and mutual learning during this more than one month. Growing up, I hope that other employees of the company will be encouraged by the thoughts, and strive to be the next student. In the future, the company will be better built and strive to be a happy Ruifu person.

         Today, Ruifu is proud of you. Tomorrow, you are also proud of Ruifu.

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