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Staff style - Li Guoqiang

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   On the morning of June 19, 2017, the Yuanming powder flashing machine crusher could not operate normally. Comrade Li Guoqiang received the notice of the maintenance class at 6:10 in the morning, arrived at the workshop at 6:30, and immediately entered the flashing machine to investigate the cause. At that time, the internal temperature of the flash dryer was about 50 °C. He grabbed the material of the crusher with both hands and grabbed it all out. He carried out the flash dryer, and the work clothes on his body were like the ones that had just been fished out of the water. A piece of wet red cloth, he and his colleagues did not eat breakfast, until 12 noon, just had lunch, and then continue to invest in the intense repair, the crusher wing, packing and bearings are all removed, one by one Correction and careful inspection will not be completed until 3 am on the 20th.

This is just a trivial matter in his work. Comrade Li Guoqiang entered the maintenance class in February 2017. He is careful and meticulous in his work. He is not afraid of being dirty, not afraid of being tired. Every time the equipment fails, it is the first to appear on the scene. He is such a person who is dedicated and responsible for his work.

August 2017


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